Tournament Performance Paintballs for pin-point accuracy and extreme brittleness in most climates. Premium metallic shells with ultra-broad marking fills for tournament use. Chosen by the world’s best teams and events

4-STAR paintballs contain DFT FUSE™ Ultra Performance Formulation. This unique formula is the legendary DRAXXUS™ fill and shell technology, the proven benchmark in aerodynamically consistent performance creating a full line of purpose formulated, title winning tournament paintballs.

Tournament Performance. No expense has been spared to produce a ball for the world’s best teams and events.

  • The tournament pro player’s choice worldwide
  • Chosen by the world’s best teams and events
  • Ultra-bright broad marking tournament DFT-FILL™
  • Pinpoint accuracy and extreme brittleness for most climates

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GI Sportz 4-STAR Paintballs

Emerald Shell – Yellow Fill, Magma Shell – Fire Orange Fill, Sapphire Shell – Pink Fill


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